Thursday, September 4, 2014

Syllabus/Expectations and More!

You have found my blog!  Congratulations.  This is where you as parents and/or students can find out what is going on in Science class.  Today, I passed out the course syllabus/expectations paper.  I need both parents and students to sign the paper and it returned.  We also began a collaborative assignment having the students think critically about the use of supplies they have to rescue themselves from being stranded in middle of the ocean.  That paper will be completed in class tomorrow as a group.  Who's glad tomorrow is Friday?  I am.  Thanks for visiting the blog.  Anyone who comments on this post will get extra credit!  Bookmark this site too for reference as well.


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    1. Thanks! Besides the chocolate, I gave you 5 extra credit points on your Scavenger Hunt paper.

  2. Its a nice page but with my old computer it took a long time to set up